5 Reasons to vote NO

1. Vote NO for real political reform

Ireland’s problems will not be solved by handing absolute power to a dysfunctional Dáil. A radically reformed Seanad is the only way to force real parliamentary change.

Vote NO because Ireland’s problems won't be solved handing absolute power to a dysfunctional Dáil. #5reasons

2. Vote NO to make the government accountable

This Government has the biggest majority in the history of the State. Abolishing the Seanad will only make the Government even more powerful. A new and effective Seanad is critical to make the Dáil accountable to a body other than themselves.

Vote NO to make the Dáil accountable to a new Seanad #5reasons

3. Vote NO to revive the economy

Ireland badly needs a modern new Seanad to fix the broken system of Government that caused the economic crisis and put 500,000 people out of work. A reformed Seanad means new expertise and new legislation to underpin Ireland’s economic recovery.

Vote NO because Ireland needs new voices and legislation to delivery economic recovery # seanad #5reasons

4. Vote NO to defend our constitution

The Seanad is mentioned seventy-five times in the Constitution that safeguards and protects the Irish people. Abolishing the Seanad will destroy the essential democratic system of checks and balances on which our Constitution is founded.

Vote NO because abolishing the Seanad will destroy our democratic system of checks and balances. #5reasons

5. Vote NO to protect your rights

The Seanad has a strong record in representing independent and minority voices. These interests will not be heard in a single Dáil chamber in the way they are in the Seanad. A reformed Seanad will offer more diversity and bring new faces and fresh thinking into politics.

Vote NO to protect independent and minority voices in the Seanad #5reasons

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